UI/UX - Westgate Resorts

Property Management System

Reservation dashboard screenhot Reservation Dashboard

The team was tasked with a complete revamp of Westgate Resorts’ internal “property management system”, titled Front Desk Console. The existing application lived in an outdated platform and it was clear that we needed to address the product from its foundation.

As one of the company’s vital applications, we fleshed out the minimum viable product to have a foundation to build on. At a base level, users needed a clear and concise way to manage reservations and occupancy. Business rules and process specifications were documented and agreed upon with key stakeholders.

Reservation dashboard screenhot Reservation Search
Billing dashboard screenhot Billing Dashboard

First, we designed a search screen that allowed the user to quickly find a reservation by entering common search criteria. Second, we tackled the reservation dashboard that presented all essential information while allowing the user to edit any necessary details.

Then came the most challenging part of this application, billing. We surfaced balances and all associated transactions while allowing the user to easily perform actions. I.e. printing receipts, processing refunds, processing charges, voiding payments, etc… We gave the users ways to filter and sort the content to lower the cognitive load.

Reservation dashboard screenhot Reservation History
Reservation dashboard screenhot Owner Usage Details

Some new features were implemented like a history page that displays all changes made to a reservation and a summary of the guest ownership details if they own a timeshare with the company.

Lead UI/UX

José De La Vega


Josh Delgado & Trey Dickson

Project Managers

Julie Baldwin, James Blackburn, & Kevin Crawford