UI/UX - Westgate Resorts

Property Management System

One of Westgate Resorts' vital applications, the Front Desk Console, needed a complete revamp. The previous version lived in an outdated platform and needed crucial features for front desk agents. Users needed a clear and concise way to manage reservations and resort occupancy. To start the project, we had multiple discovery meetings with key stakeholders where we learned the product's ins and outs and constraints.

After these meetings, I performed user interviews and on-site audits to validate our learnings and build accurate user flows. I designed a reservation search that allows the user to find any reservation easily. No matter how much or little information they had. I created a reservation dashboard focused on everyday actions like check-ins/outs, room assignments, and balance payments. Still, I allowed the agent to dive deeper into reservation details like billing. One of my focuses was building a billing experience that made it easy for agents to track all balances and transactions (payments, holds, charges, etc.). Giving users ways to filter and sort content lowered the cognitive load and provided confidence when performing sensitive actions like processing charges and refunds.

The team and I received positive feedback from users and stakeholders regarding our implementation. I've been able to design additional requests like an exhaustive reservation history that tracks all modifications to a reservation and an ownership module that surfaces the guest's timeshare contract if it exists. By bridging the gap between housekeeping and the front desk, we've expedited all front desk processes at Westgate Resorts' properties. Now, the agents can focus on providing guests with exceptional service and an unforgettable vacation experience.

Lead UI/UX

José De La Vega


Josh Delgado & Trey Dickson

Project Managers

Julie Baldwin, James Blackburn, & Kevin Crawford

Reservation search screenshot Reservation Search
Reservation dashboard screenshot Reservation Dashboard
Billing dashboard screenshot Billing Dashboard
Reservation dashboard screenshot Reservation History
Reservation dashboard screenshot Owner Usage Details